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BREAKING: Hillary Clinton Personally Funded Antifa Terrorists With $7.1 Million Bankroll

Have you ever wonder why the ironically named “antifa” organization only shows up to support Democrats? According to a bombshell Breitbart report, the Clinton Foundation made some interesting “donations” to Antifa International in the amount of $75,983, multiple separate donations to Unite Against Fascism of more than $25,000 each, as well as donations to other

BREAKING: Sasha Obama Removed From School In Handcuffs

Sasha Obama was seen being escorted out of her exclusive DC-area school in a manner that is befitting members of that family on Wednesday. Details are scarce, but witnesses say that two police officers walked into the school with a K-9, the dog was seen sniffing around Sasha’s locker, and she was later met

BREAKING: Tim Allen’s Death Ruled A Homicide — Suspect Identified

The man who ran down Tim Allen while yelling “Who’s still standing now, bitch!?!” has been identified as Detroit rapper “Busta T.” The 45-year-old little known local star sings the songs “Dumb As A Trump Stump” and “Y’all Are Just So F*cking Stupid.” Police say an argument broke out at a

BREAKING: Malia Obama Sex Tape Surfaces And It’s GROSS

Admit it: you knew it was going to happen the moment you first saw video of her twerking and doing drugs in public. Malia Obama’s sex tape has surfaced. The video was apparently recorded shortly after her 18th birthday and appeared on torrent sharing website Pirate Bay. The 30-minute video shows

Senator Lindsay Killed In Protective Custody

The US Marshals are calling it a “freak macchiato accident,” the mainstream news is refusing to cover it and the left has already written it off as “oh what a shame he died before any justice was served.” New Jersey Senator Herman “Hal” Lindsey was pronounced dead less than an hour ago. The Senator was