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Trump Planning To Use Drones Against ISIS

President Donald Trump made a lot of promises to the American people. He has already taken care of most of these campaign promises, but there are still a few that need to be looked at further. Trump knows what he is doing and has been very methodical in what he

US Test Fires $40 Million Missile For North Korea

President Donald Trump has not been kind to the North Koreans as of late. And that is understandable, as he is not going to put up with their direct threats to the United States anymore. We are a nation that is not to be messed with and that is the

BREAKING: Israel Attacked, Warplanes Respond…

The Syrian Civil War continues to expand into a full-scale regional conflict. As evidence of this, the Israeli Defense Forces just launched a strike targeting fighters inside of Syrian territory. On Friday afternoon, Israel struck back after two rockets fired from Syria landed in the Israeli-controlled Golan Heights. On the same day,

North Korea Failed To Launch An ICBM

Latest reports reveal new twist in the missile launched by Kim Jong-un on Saturday. The North Korean leader is going against every rule, and he seems to enjoy stepping on everyone’s nerves. People across the globe are worried about the nuclear appetite of the dictator, and his first neighbors are