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Senate Passes Republican Health Care Bill-Obamacare Repealed

Obamacare has been repealed and replaced with the American Healthcare Act, the Republican answer to the healthcare crisis in America. Already gutted by executive order, Obamacare will no longer be the law of the land in what Republicans are calling the biggest win since Abolition: “Today the free market won. Insurance

A United States Senator Just Accused Barack Obama Of Murder

Senator Sheldon Richards, Republican Junior Senator from Alabama, has outright accused Barack Obama of having a cameraman murdered. In a statement delivered to the Associated Press, Richards said: “Mike Corning was a fantastic cameraman and because he caught the right image at the right time, he was silenced. This wasn’t just some

Obama HAVE a Mistress! And She Is PREGNANT! (Picture)

The character of previous president Barack Obama’s pregnant fancy woman has been uncovered. Her name is Cassidy McLean from Montbleau, Colorado. Obama met her while on a ski excursion to Aspen without his family in 2014. He procured her to be a secretary in the West Wing and now, after two