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Hillary Clinton Will Spend Thanksgiving In The Hospital

Hillary Clinton, who tried to fool the country into thinking a 70-year-old woman could possibly be fit to be President of the United States, collapsed outside her daughter Chelsea’s New York apartment yesterday, prompting an emergency visit to her doctor. After some initial tests, the doctor admitted her to Mount Sinai

BREAKING: Crash That Killed Tucker Carlson Was No Accident

Fox News superstar Tucker Carlson succumbed to his injuries and died overnight after being hit head-on while driving home. The Ford Explorer that crossed the median to slam into him was stolen, reinforced to sustain a head-on collision without killing the driver and left at the scene. After a preliminary

Melania Trump and Sefano Gabbana On Critics’ Target

First Lady Melania Trump shined during the photoshoot at the White House, as the pictures were for a very special occasion. But it seems that there are still a few people who are not amazed by the beauty of our First Lady. Right after Melania finished the photo session, she

BREAKING: Fox News Just Replaced Bill O’Reilly

Fox News has been operating without the man who put them on the map for weeks now with no announcement of who would replace him. Bill O’Reilly, star of the O’Reilly Factor and the highest rated cable news anchor of all time, finally has a successor: Conservative bombshell and firecracker

BREAKING: Christianity Ruled Illegal

The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, well known for their liberal bias and hatred for all things American, has ruled that Christianity is illegal. The religion that America was founded on; the apex of western civilization, is apparently too good for our schools, our government and our public parks. A lawsuit

Look What Ivanka Trump Did IMMEDIATELY After Getting Off Air Force One

On Thursday, Ivanka Trump boarded Air Force One with her husband Jared Kushner and their three children to fly to New York City. As soon as she got off the plane, her supporters immediately noticed something about Ivanka that got them talking. Daily Mail reported that Ivanka was photographed stepping off Air

BREAKING: Trump Makes One Phone Call–Stephen Colbert Fired

President Trump made a single phone call this morning to the CEO of CBS and voila…Stephen Colbert was fired as host of the Late Show. According to Jeff Derpinger of the White House Office of Information and Propaganda, President Trump talked to J.L. Meshner for about five minutes and told him he can