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Pelosi Daughters Just Gave Up Their Mom To Stay Out Of Jail

Heather and Nicole Pelosi will turn state’s evidence against their own mother in exchange for immunity in their recent arrest for trafficking cocaine. They are prepared to point the finger at the highest ranking Democrat in Washington as the mastermind behind their smuggling operation. Erin Rachel, lead investigator and the mind behind the operation that

Clinton Foundation Retail Store In Arkansas Raided By DEA

A Clinton Foundation Retail Store, one of 12 in operation in Arkansas, boasts that it employs 14 people and pumps not only cash into the economy but much-needed goods at thrift store prices. They are much like Goodwill or Salvation Army Thrift Stores. Well, with one exception: The Salvation Army and Goodwill don’t cook and

Julie And Nicole Pelosi Dragged Into Court In Handcuffs

Nancy Pelosi’s two youngest daughters, Julie Marie and Nicole Lynn, were arrested and charged in Berkeley, California for drug trafficking. Their lawyer managed to keep the arrest quiet for the sake of an ongoing investigation and plea deal, but now that they were taken in full view of the public into federal court for arraignment,

Trey Gowdy Dead In His Hospital Room Of Unknown Causes

Congressman Trey Gowdy, who was kidnapped, tortured and left for dead by someone with contacts high up in government, was recovering from his injuries and a case of temporary amnesia when he went into cardiac arrest and died, according to our source inside Walter Reid: “He just turned blue and died is what