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Muslim WV Principal With Child Bride Fleeing Warrant For Raping Goat In Ohio

Before he moved to Bluefield, WV and became the principal of the 37-student Pratchett-Cline Elementary School, Bahar al-Haddaki al-Sharam Hakkam and a girl one might assume his daughter (but is actually a child bride he picked up in Iran last year) lived in Salem, Ohio.

His decision to move was not one he made voluntarily. According to local news station WVPP, there is currently a warrant out for this upstanding individual’s arrest – for violently raping a goat, leaving it with “severe internal injuries” and “the inability to walk upright for two months following the attack.”

This would be his third such offense.

Apparently, he scooped up his “wife” and fled to West Virginia, which he assumed was far enough that he would not have to deal with the embarrassment . Oops.

This controversial figure was once the Imam of a mosque in Iran, where he used to say “Sharia is and will be the law everywhere,” and threatened to “rip the throats of all who do not submit to the will of Allah.”

Despite all this (and the fact that his “wife” will be attending Pratchett-Cline), the school board refuses to fire al-Haddaki al-Sharam Hakkam.

Contacted about this latest development, school board president Rafiki Haram says the decision to allow the prinicpal to remain in charge stays the same.

“If there is no conviction, there is nothing I can or will do,” Haram says.

At least six parents are considering pulling their children from the school in protest.

It’s time for President Trump to step in and do something about this nightmare!

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