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BREAKING: Sasha Obama Expelled From School For Keeping Drugs In Her Locker

Like father like daughter and now other daughter. It’s been well-known for quite some time that “Choom Gang” leader Barack Obama loves to rock the ganja and the Malia enjoys getting half-naked and smoking joints at concerts but now 16-year-old Sasha (or Natasha if you prefer) is following in their drug-addled footsteps.

Drudge Report revealed on Monday that Sasha was suspended from school and ultimately expelled last week after the principal raided her locker and found drug paraphernalia including rolling papers, 1 1/2 Percocets, and a half-packed 6” marijuana bong.

The drugs were found during the last day of the 2016/17 school year. She was originally suspended for the first two weeks of the upcoming school year, but when her drug dealer’s parents complained that their son had been expelled while she was just suspended the school amended the decision.

It’s good to see administrators make the right call even though her father was the President. It shows that Barack Obama’s influence is rightfully slipping now that Donald Trump has kicked him into obscurity.

An attorney representing Sasha in juvenile court says that her family intends to appeal the expulsion, saying that she “should not be punished for one little mistake” but pills and other drugs are serious business and should be treated as such.

Last year, her sister Malia was photographed at a concert twerking and puffing on a doobie:


Obama was a terrible President, but is an even worse father and role model who lets his children do whatever they want.

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