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Pelosi Girls Drug Ring Update: Nicole Pelosi Says ‘Hillary Clinton Stood In The Room’

Nicole Pelosi told a reporter for the Ukraine Memorial Times that she and her sister more than earned their immunity deals. She says because of them, Bill, Hillary and possibly even Chelsea Clinton are looking at long jail sentences and the seizure of their holdings.

“They’re drug dealers,” says Nicole, “everything they have is because of drugs. Once we tell the truth and America sees the truth maybe we can start working towards real change.” Nicole is a self-described “Bernie or Buster,” meaning she either voted for Jill Stein, Donald Trump or wrote in Bernie Sanders but absolutely would not vote for Hillary Clinton.

Nancy Pelosi, who quietly resigned from Congress today, has made no statement other than to apologize to her constituents, promise them not a dime of their tax money was involved in her personal life and vow to not fight against the punishment she has coming. For her part she has already lost everything, as her home, vehicles, bank accounts and any other real assets are now considered the ill-gotten gains of a drug dealer.

The Clintons haven’t responded to the allegations yet that they were the mules that carried the Pelosi product across the globe. This time it may be different, however, as there is a person, namely Nicole Pelosi, who is willing to point at Hillary Clinton in a court of law and say “she did it.” Nicole has already said that Hillary Clinton was “in the room” when a massive transaction happened.

Investigators and prosecutors are hopeful there are travel records and corroborating financial transactions to prove Clinton’s involvement.

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