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BREAKING: Obama CAUGHT Funding Islamic Groups!

The Obama DHS was using its tax dollars to fund a number of Islamic groups and much of that money will now go back to law enforcement according to DHS Secretary John Kelly.

DHS has also dis-invited those same groups from a 2017 Islamic ‘Iftar’ dinner where they were able to show their political influence to the ambassadors of wealthy Islamic countries. Obama had invited them at the last minute before he left the White House.

Kelly explained his new pro-integration strategy in a June 22nd event held in Congress:

They are out there doing what they believe is their religion and think [it is]what they should be doing … What I’ve chosen to do is take what minimal expenditure I have in such manner and offer it to what I consider to be the time-demonstrated things — law authorization from an effort perspective and groups creating connections … so that there’s an open line of correspondence so they know whether they see this [advocacy or arrangement for violence]happening in the home or they see it happening — that is to state, the move towards radicalism — or they see it occurring in the holy places or mosques, they know to call somebody before that individual ordinarily goes too far.

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