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Omg! CNN Reporter Tries To Embarrass Sean Spicer, IMMEDIATELY Regrets it

During today’s press briefing at the White House, CNN reporter Jim Acosta though he’d act like a spoiled little baby and tried to embarrass Sean Spicer, and immediately regretted it! (Video below)

Today’s press briefing was audio only, there were no cameras allowed.  This caused CNN’s Jim Acosta to repeatedly interrupt Sean Spicer and another reporter who was attempting to ask a question, because he’s a spoiled little baby.

BIG MISTAKE!  Sean Spicer then treated him like the petulant little child that he is, ignoring him for the rest of the briefing, and he also apologized to the other reporter who Acosta interrupted for having to deal with his ridiculous behavior. LISTEN AND THEN SHARE ON FACEBOOK SO THE WORLD CAN SEE THE SPOILED MEDIA ACTING LIKE A BUNCH OF BABIES!

Other reporters noted that Spicer ignored Acosta after this disrespectful outburst. Like a middle-schooler, Acosta resorted to Tweeting out pictures of his socks and pouting like he was in time out. How can anyone take CNN seriously at this point?

Acosta wasn’t done with his temper tantrum, however.  He also issued this Tweet:

Absolutely ridiculous and completely disrespectful.  This is the modern day media. They do not care about reporting actual news.  They think everything is about them, they’re a bunch of selfish children.  All they care about is having some “big” moment, like throwing a temper tantrum because you’re not getting your way.  The FAKE NEWS MEDIA IS AN ABSOLUTE DISGRACE!

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