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Senate Passes Republican Health Care Bill-Obamacare Repealed

Obamacare has been repealed and replaced with the American Healthcare Act, the Republican answer to the healthcare crisis in America. Already gutted by executive order, Obamacare will no longer be the law of the land in what Republicans are calling the biggest win since Abolition:

“Today the free market won. Insurance Companies will have to step away and allow doctors to make decisions for thier patients. Most importantly, this undoes Obama’s signature legislation. Isn’t that really what is important?”

Republicans have been criticized for making 20 million lazy people get off their butts and either get a job or get a better job, and don’t say there aren’t any because Trump already fixed all that after Obama did nothing for 8 years. They’ve also been criticized for taking away free subsidies for “working families.” My family is working. We have to pay $4000 a month for Obamacare and we don’t even get a doctor for that.

President Trump is expected to sign the bill which will put nearly a trillion dollars back into the hands of American investors, allowing them to open up more trade deals and help grow the economy. The insurance companies also no longer have to worry about going bankrupt because people wait to get sick before buying insurance and use it right away.

The Heritage Foundation has said that the ACA is a good thing. They have done many, many studies. Things will now begin to improve in America, just like Trump promised.

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