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Should Burqas Be Banned? WHAT DO YOU THINK?


I want to see their faces

I’m thd world we live in and the problems with have with theft . Killings even accidents how can we help the police if we c Ant describe who we saw in a incident . Plus in schools I want my children to see their faces . We could all hide our faces and that could make the situation even worse . So stop them wearing them please

Threatening and Unequal

If a man was to go into a public place wearing a balaclava or a motorcycle helmet, he would be made to take it off. I don’t think it is right for women to be an exception. Also, the covering of one’s face can be frightening and threatening to those around them.


No they are religious.

I believe Burkas should not be banned as they are an ancient religious Religious custom that has been practiced for thousands of years. To ban them would be to infringe upon the religious rights of millions of people, plus there is no real foreseeable reason they should be banned as they do not cause any harm to anyone.

Of course not!!!

It hasn’t showed any sign of harming us so far, some people live in fear of their past! Do you think more people or less people would send you hate mail if you forced women to feel exposed and anti-religious?
You all haven’t thought this through. YOUR BRAINS ARE VERY SMALL

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