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Trump Planning To Use Drones Against ISIS

President Donald Trump made a lot of promises to the American people. He has already taken care of most of these campaign promises, but there are still a few that need to be looked at further. Trump knows what he is doing and has been very methodical in what he has chosen to do and not do.

He has tried to work with Democrats and Republicans together in order to get the most effective laws passed. For the most part, Democrats are not willing to even give Trump the time of day. But there is one thing that President Trump will care care of no matter what. That would be his promise to the American people that he would take out ISIS.

Trump has officially created a drone squad that is capable of destroying ISIS on the ground wherever they may be. This is huge and will help him to get rid of these terrorists quickly. He started this earlier this month by dropping “the mother of all bombs” on a military compound in Afghanistan. This was a highly successful order that took out hundreds of ISIS militants. He doesn’t plan to stop there, however.

Admiral Harry Harris said, “Critical munitions shortfalls are my top war fighting concerns. We must maintain our capability to operate in contested environments. Additionally, we must continue to expand cross domain fires capabilities and focus on joint integration to strengthen deterrence and enable joint combined maneuver.”

He went on to say, “Priorities include long-range and stand off strike weapons, advanced air to air munitions, theatre ballistic/cruise missile defense, torpedoes, baval mines, and a Cluster Munitions replacement.”


Maybe with all of these things we can finally take out ISIS once and for all. They have gone too far and it is time for them to be destroyed.

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