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WATCH: CBS Asked Millennials About Trump, Stunned When They Heard Their Answers

The Left hates to see America’s youth speak positively about conservatism. It drives them crazy, and we love to watch it!

The mainstream media better get used to hearing positive things about Trump. During a CBS interview, the interviewer tried to elicit a negative response about Trump from some millennials, but they all spoke highly of the Trump presidency. Zing!

The mainstream media must be panicking. What are they going to do without their youthful base? They will have to resort to importing more votes from foreign countries.

What a relief! We are finally starting to see young conservatives in action. This is a welcome change from eight years of Obama and eight years of indoctrination.

The education system has been working overtime to brainwash our children into hating conservatives, but that won’t happen. Our children are too clever for the liberals.

The Left’s identity politics are starting to backfire on them. There is nothing more refreshing than witnessing the downfall of a failed strategy. We are seeing it every day.

Patriots, we need to support our children. We need to remind them to be more openminded, and we need to warn them not to accept everything they hear on television or even in school.

It is sad, patriots. We cannot even trust teachers anymore. There was once a time when education was valuable, but now, who knows. These professors care more about their agenda than they do about the truth.

The Left continues to sneak more teachers into our schools. The liberals hate our beautiful American culture. They are determined to destroy it at any cost. There was once a time when communities would go to church, but now, because of the radical Left, our children are rejecting traditional American values. That is why this video is so important. It shows us that our youth does care.

Rather than building churches, liberals would rather see mosques. Why is it that radical Islam is the only religion they approve of? It confuses me deeply. I lie awake at night pondering this question.

The Left would rather see America reduced to ashes than prosper into a great nation. Where did all this anti-America rhetoric come from? At least we have Donald Trump to change the course of American history, for the better.

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