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Melania Meets With Kids At Children’s Hospital

First Lady Melania Trump is an amazing women. She is everywhere back and forth trying to make sure that the peole of this country are happy and safe. One thing she cares more about than anything else would be the children of this great country. She has spent many hours and days visiting children’s hospitals around the country and she truly cares about the sick kids that are here.

That is why she visited another children’s hospital on Friday. She visited the Children’s National Health System in Washington in order to help open a healing garden that is opening there dedicated to all of the First Ladies of the United States. She was happy to go and truly sparkled during her time there.

She is one of a kind and has such a graceful step in the way she carries herself. This is something we have not seen for a long, long time with Michelle Obama in the White House.

“I was lucky to meet so many very brave and amazing children,” she said during her remarks to the many guests and patients. There were also many donors in the audience. “We had so much fun touring this space and planting many seeds. I look forward to coming back when everything that we planted is in full bloom.”

She is such a brave and classy first lady and deserves the respect of the people of this country. Liberals love attacking the First Lady over things that are totally uncalled for and this needs to stop. Everything she does, she does for the betterment of this great country.

Are you proud of our AMAZING First Lady?

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