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John McCain Keeps Calling Trump Out

John McCain is a perfect man, at least that is the impression you get when you listen to what he has to say about President Donald Trump. He has always hated Trump. Who knows why, maybe it’s the jealousy or the fact that he lost to him time and time again. Whatever the reason, it does not really matter at this point because the election is over. What was said during the election was long forgotten by everyone except for… everyone together now–John McCain. He has not forgotten that Trump “insulted” him during one of his speeches and he will not give it up.

John McCain has now officially gone to far. While speaking abroad, at the Brussel’s Forum he took the opportunity to once again attack the president.

“In a new world order under enormous strain and in the titanic struggle with forces of radicalism … we cannot stand by and lament, we’ve got to be involved. I trust the EU.”

This was obviously a slighted dig at President Trump, who has time and time again shown that he is weary of the European Union and their liberal policies. McCain has been a staunch supporter of the EU and their policies for a long time. Donald Trump made sure that people new that the European Union was not perfect and that many countries within the union were struggling heavily.

Something needs to be done about John McCain before he does too much damage. We cannot continue to let him humiliate our president, even if he will not let it bother him. This is a complete and utter lack of respect for the President of the United States from a Senator who should be showing him his support.

John McCain needs to retire and go home to Arizona to never be heard from again. Do you agree?

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