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Bill O’Reilly Tweets For The First Time After Being Terminated

Bill O’Reilly was part of Fox News for 20 years, and he earned the network billions of dollars. Fans love him, and can’t wait for another episode of his show. The superstar knew how to put things together, and he did an excellent job in the network. But, this all went down the hill without any warning, and O’Reilly was kicked out.

The host faced serious sexual harassment accusations after The New York Times published a story according to which the Fox News host harassed several women and paid them to keep their mouth shut. None of that was true, and O’Reilly’s co-workers and hosts said that he never had any trouble with women.

O’Reilly had a job that required him to do business with many people, and of course, many women. But, O’Reilly never did anything to hurt someone’s feelings or threat anyone. He is a real professional, and his career is the proof for this.

His lawyers tried to save his job, and convince the Murdoch family that O’Reilly is a victim of a smear campaign. Liberals joined in an effort to get him out of Fox News, and they succeeded in it. The host’s lawyers even presented strong evidence to Murdoch, but the Fox News CEO faced strong pressure, and had to cut out O’Reilly. Advertisers and Murdoch’s sons contributed to this decision.

But, O’Reilly’s ratings didn’t drop at all. People know that he didn’t do anything, and we bet that he will find a better position in other networks. Who wouldn’t want him in their network? O’Reilly is a professional at its finest, and he knows how to do his job.

Now O’Reilly tweeted for the first time after he was cut out.

What do you think about this? Will O’Reilly keep building his professional career on TV?

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