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Trump Personally Awarded Soldier With Purple Heart

On Saturday, army sergeant was awarded a Purple Heart after losing part of his leg in Afghanistan personally by the President Donald Trump.

“When I heard about this and I wanted to do it myself,” Trump stated during a ceremony at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Bethesda, Md.

Previously that day, Trump posted on Twitter that he was going to Walter Reed.

The President and the first lady Melania Trump after the end of the ceremony made a 90 minutes visit to the military facility.

Alvaro Barrientos a first class sergeant was wounded in Afghanistan on March 17 when an Afghan soldier opened fire inside a base in Helmand province, other three soldiers were injured.

Barrientos was accompanied by his wife, Tammy who received a kiss from the President Trump. Then the President pinned the medal on the sergeant’s left shirt collar.

The Purple Heart is awarded to service members who are wounded or killed in action.

Many on Twitter showed their appreciation to Trump for making the trip to honor Barrientos.

Trump pledged to support America’s service members and veterans during his presidency.

“Our veterans have delivered for this nation and now we must deliver for them,” Trump said in a February speech.

Trump also singled out Carryn Owens, whose husband, Navy SEAL William “Ryan” Owens was killed in a January raid on Yemen that Trump had authorized.

“Ryan’s legacy is etched into eternity,” Trump said then.

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