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Fox News Are Facing Bad Consequences After Firing O’Reilly

The recent downfalls that had happened in Fox News are endangering the network of shutting down, despite the fact that the network is especially popular.

The ex CIO Roger Ailes and his vision were the reasons that made the network a big hit. Clearly the executives at Fox News made a huge mistake by letting him go.

Now again with firing the commonly loved host Bill O’Reilly they are taking a big risk. And now the executives at Fox News are left with no bright future.

The possibility that the conservative viewers will stop watching Fox News after O’Reilly’s departure will result in a huge drop in ratings, which will redirect them to enjoy more contemporary conservative news outlets most likely the web channels.

New York Times writer Jim Rutenberg stated the following about O’Reilly’s fans, “First there is Mr. O’Reilly’s own audience, which steadfastly stuck with him — and then some — as the revelations about sexual harassment first emerged in The New York Times. For as long as he has been ‘looking out for’ them — as he puts it — he has sworn to beat back the ‘secular progressive’ forces of political correctness.”

He continued, “His fans told interviewers they doubted the allegations against him, describing him as an ‘easy target’ for liberal groups and the same mainstream media he has made a career of lambasting.” Chris Ruddy, CEO of Fox News’ conservative rival Newsmax Media, thought that Fox News is now fragile too. He said, “Generally, the Fox audience is not going to be happy the network fired him. They’re going to think it was unfair.”

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