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Ted Cruz Announces Major “Term Limits” Bill. Do You Support?

It is always nice to see a true conservative flex his muscles, and that is why Ted Cruz is a friend of every patriot. Ted Cruz is ready to help President Trump drain the swamp.

Finally, we can start to see the hope and change Obama promised us. Ted Cruz recently announced a bill that would limit members of the Senate to two six-year terms and House lawmakers to three two-year terms.

It will be entertaining to watch the swamp go into panic mode. The strategy is clear: if you are against this bill, you are part of the swamp. This will force the swamp-dwellers to expose themselves. Any politician who votes against this bill should be removed from office.

This is just what our country needs, and we can expect President Trump to get behind this bill. The Democrats will try to push back against this bill, and the establishment will cringe.

Will this bill pass? I hope so, but we know the tactics of these career politicians. They will try to discredit Ted Cruz, and they will try to put off voting on the bill.

The fact that there are no term limits is disturbing. These politicians easily nestle themselves into our capitol, and they never leave. Senator John McCain should have been gone a long time ago, but he keeps coming back. With this bill, we can finally exorcise these demons.

Despite their competitive relationship, Ted Cruz is a friend of Donald Trump. Conservatives understand the value of competition, which is why these two gentlemen are now good friends. With this bill, we can finally start to drain the swamp.

The mainstream media will try to find flaws in this bill. I wouldn’t be surprised if they argued over petty things, such as the misplacement of a comma or word usage.

The celebrities will come out of their hidey-hole and criticize the president’s tax returns; or, they will launch into an attack against Ted Cruz. The mainstream media has been saving ammo against Cruz since the last election cycle. We need to support Ted Cruz. We need to send him praise and encouragement. This is the best shot we have at draining the swamp.

We cannot allow the mainstream media, the celebrity cronies, and the establishment to torpedo this bill. We need this law to pass, and we need to hold our politicians accountable. This is the beginning of a new era for our great country.

With Ted Cruz and Donald Trump behind the wheel, we know that we will safely arrive at a better destination. We know that these two men represent us patriots. With their help, we will finally be able to make America great again!

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