BREAKING: What Is The Truth Behind O’Reilly’s Dismissal

The worst thing that could have happen did. The long time cable news host O’Reilly was kicked out of the air. After 20 years career that anyone admired he is out and all that because of the allegations of sexual misconduct and settlements with some of women.

Fox released this statement concerning their best host:

In some way it is awful, however in other way it might be proper if he was acting as awful as the reports make it sound. If the 67-year-old was really harassing the women working with him and put a pressure to the women who didn’t deserve, many would think he got what he deserved.

Moreover, now there are reports according to which the end of his career was not due to this claims but rather to the America’s number one enemy George Soros, the head of Media Matters who led the campaign that got O’Reilly fired.

The liberals felt threaten by his way of making sense of the chaos and the fact that many people turn to him to seek order. As creators of chaos they need the people to stay confused and O’Reilly was getting in the way. There is no doubt that O’Reilly did a great job and lot of people admired his career, regardless of the allegations.

The Soros group Media Matters as it is named fully describes its actions. It might be even proper to add the words “/so we plan to control it” to the name because the actions that the group takes full control of the media, in manner that they filter what you see and hear about the world.

Now the question is: Did O’Reilly commit this action or was this just a big campaign to silence him? Based on some researches maybe a little bit of both. Some admired at his career, but the left wanted him out, but ether way it would never come to this if he had been above reproach.

The fact is that he allowed the power to go into his head which led to some inappropriate comments that he made, followed by lawsuit.

The moral of the story is, apparently this was a setup, but carefully choosing your actions never hurt anybody.

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