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SECRET SOURCE Reveals What DIRTY Things Bill Clinton Did at The Library….

Everybody knows that Bill Clinton enjoys the company of women a little bit too much. He has gotten in lots of trouble during his time in politics, but this has never stopped him from doing it. There is only one women that he does not really get along with–his wife Hillary Clinton. Now it looks as though there have been some stories breaking on what exactly Bill Clinton does.

There is a new book coming out authored by Edward Klein titled “Guilty as Sin,” which goes into detail one what Bill Clinton has been up to in his presidential library in Little Rock, Arkansas. There in his library he keeps a top floor suite away from his New York home. This seems to be where he does most of his dirty work.

According to a new report, one intern that worked at the library noted to Klein that Bill Clinton enjoys having young women to his suite where they will drink some wine and he will proceed to give them a massage. This seems very suspect from a known cheater. He has been in trouble for the exact same types of things and probably should know better.

“He often invites girls like me who work at the library for a glass of red wine and a massage,” she stated. “He likes his neck and shoulders massaged because he gets knots in his muscles. But what he really likes is to have his feet massaged. He just kicks off his loafers and socks and puts his feet on the coffee table. That really makes him happy.” This is very interesting news coming from Bill Clinton. Hopefully he will get the punishment he deserves.

Bill Clinton is a fraud and a liar, just like his criminal wife. What do you think should happen to him?

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