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The MOST Famous Democratic Senator ARRESTED! You WON’T BELIEVE Who It Is….

Democrats are now facing another huge arrest this week. Massachusetts Senator Thomas Oaks has been arrested on corruption charges. These charges come just two months after he was elected into office.

It looks like he is facing up to 20 years for a service wire fund. This is a federal charge for behavior done by elected public officials when they favor one party over another. The charged come from back in September 2015, when an undercover FBI agent was investigating an unrelated claim.

The FBI agent told Oaks he wanted to get government contracts in Baltimore. A certain contract that he was trying to obtain had to do a Housing and Urban Development project. He then filed a bold for the undercover agent to receive $250,000 in taxpayer funds. The FBI agent then paid Oaks $15,000 over the next year to pay for letters and directing the bonds.

The FBI was aware of the corruption that was taking place, but they were unable to do anything while Barack Obama was in office.

Democrats have been aware of this kind of corruption for years now. Obama was at the head of this kind of corruption and absolutely nothing was done about it. We are only now starting to figure out just how far down this kind of stuff went because we have Donald Trump in office.

It is a good thing Obama is finally done, as there were many things going on under him that are against the law. It seems like there is a Democratic official that gets arrested on corruption charges just about every week. President Donald Trump is finally starting to take charge and take care of these criminals once and for all. We need to support him in this and not let the liberal media turn it into his fault.

What do you think bout all of these Democrats getting arrested?

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