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Tony Blinken Exposed Obama’s Lies About Assad

Assad’s attack with chemical weapon was the perfect opportunity to break open a story on Obama’s lies. Former president Barack Hussein Obama filled his presidency with tons of controversies, and we still can’t determine the worst part of his leadership.

The world is still shocked after the attack in Syria. The main question is – what was the sarin gas doing over there? In 2014, former Secretary of State John Kerry stated that Syria gave up on using chemical weapons. For good. So, how did Assad get the gas? What fueled his evil plans? He didn’t stop for a minute, and the last attack took many lives.

Obama, his staffers, and the media were all happy about this deal, and they bragged all over the country.

But, now a new leak has something to say about Obama’s administration. It’s the story of an official who served Obama. This man confirmed that Obama new about Assad’s full access to chemical weapons. Wasn’t Obama saying that Assad will never ever use chemical weapons?

How much do you actually know about Tony Blinken? He was a deputy secretary of state in Obama’s administration. Blinken was also Obama’s deputy national security adviser. Now Blinken has something to say about Obama’s “way” to deal with Assad and his chemical weapons.

“We always knew we had not gotten everything, that the Syrians had not been fully forthcoming in their declaration,” explained Blinken. It seems like we’re having some trust issues now, right?

Why was Kerry lying about Assad’s chemical weapons? We believe that they knew about the threat this whole time, and they were just pretending to care about Syrians. That’s called hypocrisy.

What do you think about the latest revelation Tony Blinken made? Do you think there’s a lot more behind this story? What will happen next?

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