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Susan Rice To Be Charged?

Susan Rice got herself and former president Barack Hussein Obama in a big trouble. The whole “incidental” surveillance scandal drew everyone’s attention, and most Americans found it hard to accept the fact that Obama spied on President Donald Trump and his staffers.

President Trump has long warned about this, but the liberal media and almost everyone on the left were “too busy” handling other things. Obama and his staffers came with the excuse that Russia interfered with our elections, adding that President Trump wouldn’t win if it wasn’t for his Russian fellows.

The alleged friendship between President Trump and Russia didn’t concern people, as most were sure that the President won the elections all by himself. He didn’t need Russia to help him. His presidential campaign was one of the most decent projects America has ever seen. No lies, no fake promises.

Let’s go back to Susan Rice. She was the person who ordered the unmasking of President Trump’s staffers on raw intelligence reports. The good news is that she won’t get away with it, and the same applies to Obama as well.

Trey Gowdy has his claws on Rice and Obama, and the corruption will finally come to an end. Judge Andrew Napolitano believes that Rice may end up in prison if Gowdy decides to put her through a cross-examination before the House Intelligence Committee. Napolitano assured everyone that Gowdy will trap Rice, and make her pay for what she did. That’s nice. Justice has finally found its way to the top.

Napolitano said that the President is too furious to let Rice go, and she will probably fall in the trap.

What do you think about the comments Judge Napolitano made? Do you think Gowdy and President Donald Trump will set a trap to get Susan Rice in prison?

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