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Maxine Waters Calls For Trump’s Impeachment

It seems like Democrats won’t quit until they succeed to impeach President Donald Trump. They’ve been pretty vocal about their disapproval of his victory. The President has been facing difficulties since the very first moment he was nominated, and the condition got even worse when he was elected. The official attack on the President started at the moment he took oath in office.

We can’t list all the Democrats that came with terrifying statements regarding the President’s new position, and they’ve been spilling their harsh criticism in every way possible. They even blocked some of his orders, and went against the President’s will to bar Muslims.

The worst thing came when Democrats tried to get the President impeached. No, the worst thing is the fact that they’re still hoping to get him impeached. Luckily, President Trump is pretty busy keeping his campaign promises, and he doesn’t actually have time to deal with the nonsense Democrats spread.

Now Rep. Maxine Waters made another push towards the President’s impeachment. The whole thing happened during the Saturday’s Tax March that took place in Washington.

Waters kept encouraging people to impeach President Donald Trump, and even stated that she doesn’t respect him. “I don’t respect this President. I don’t trust this President. He’s not working in the best interests of the Americans people,” Waters shouted. “I will fight every day until he is impeached,” said Waters and introduced the crowd into chanting “impeach 45.”

That’s horrible in so many levels.

Waters said that her greatest desire is to “lead Trump right into impeachment,” and this happened just a few days after the President was inaugurated.  She was also vocal about the President’s tax returns, and only added fuel to the fire.

What do you think about this? Will Waters keep criticizing the President and his work?

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