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US Marine F-35s to be ‘cornerstone’ in Japan, Pacific defense

The F-35 Joint Strike Fighter, the foremost big-ticket and one in all the foremost moot weapons systems in US history, is on its thanks to Japan to be “the cornerstone” people defense within the Pacific.
The first of sixteen US USMC F-35Bs left Arizona Monday on the initial overseas readying for the concealment jets.
The planes ar heading for USMC base of operations Iwakuni, shortly from city, on the japanese main island of Hondo.
Sending the $104 million jets to Iwakuni shows Washington’s “commitment to the defense of Japan with the foremost capable and trendy instrumentality within the U.S. inventory,” 1st Lt. Karoline Foote of the III Marine military Force in Japan told CNN in associate email.
“It are going to be the cornerstone of a multi-mission joint force possessing improved mission flexibility and new effectiveness to have interaction and destroy each air and ground threats,” Foote aforesaid.

The Marines ar touting the F-35B’s skillfulness, career it “a true force number.”
“The distinctive combination of concealment, fashionable measuring instrument and sensing element technology, and military action systems bring all of the access and deadliness capabilities of a fifth-generation fighter, a contemporary bomber, associated an adverse-weather, all-threat setting air support platform,” a Marine statement aforesaid.
The single-engine F-35 comes in 3 variants. The A version is flown by the US Air Force, the B version by the Marines, and therefore the C version can become a part of the US Navy’s fleet.
The F-35 is additionally being sold to and made by US allies round the world, as well as Japan, that received its 1st unit in Gregorian calendar month.

The Marines’ F-35B differs from the opposite versions therein it’s capable of vertical take-offs and landings therefore it will operate from amphibious operation ships, basically tiny craft carriers. It replaces the AV-8B Harrier, that has been around since the late Seventies.
The Marines aforesaid the readying to Japan is a component of the Obama administration’s pivot to Asia and not associated with any current specific scenario.

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