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BREAKING: Texas Makes HARDCORE MOVE against Illegals…

The Lone-Star State State Senate passed a bill that outlaws Sanctuary Cities within the state of Lone-Star State. However, the law is being neglected by Lone-Star State town officers and that they still offer sanctuary to illegals.

The continuing lawlessness has caused Lone-Star State Governor, Greg Abbott to require extra steps to place ANfinish to the Sanctuary Cities within the State of Lone-Star State.

As sanctuary town mayors nationwide have banded along and pledged to resist any tries the Trump administration, one governor, specially, has created it clear that he’ll do everything in his power to fight the sanctuary cities in his own state.

Texas governor Greg Abbott has already cut funding to at least one county in Lone-Star State, Travis County, that lost $1.5 million in state enforcement grants thanks to their sanctuary policies. That’s in line with Trump’s set up in pressuring sanctuary cities with money threats, that may be a solid strategy given the billions on the road. One study found that there’s $27 billion a year on the road for all the nation’s sanctuary jurisdictions – much enough to make a border wall.

Consistent with the “Don’t Mess With Texas” motto, Abbott isn’t getting to simply leave it with threats of defunding the sanctuaries in his own state.

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